It’s that time of year again– Fall harvest here at Pippin Hill! Chris Hill, our local viticulturalist, is exceptionally passionate about his craft and affirms his belief that the 2014-2015 harvests were perfect dry ripening seasons, “which in turn make for excellent wines.” Our new line up of wines this season includes a 2015 Cabernet Franc, 2015 Viognier, and a 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, each of which displays its own taste and features– from the nose to the finish. Smell the sharp red bell pepper in the Cabernet, taste the full bodied feel of our Viognier and, last but not least, leave with with the hint of cocoa nib and toffee from out Cabernet Sauvignon. Bring together your family and friends to taste the fruits of our labor, produced with a commitment to local agriculture and a love for wine. From dinner parties to backyard BBQs or simple family gathering, let Pippin Hill supply you with wine for every situation you may encounter this Fall.



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