Our 2017 Easton Blue is now available to enjoy in the Tasting Room and can also be purchased on our Online Store! A Pippin signature red blend of Petit Verdot, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc with medium oak, medium-plus tannins and acidity. It’s rich up front with black plum, date and traces of licorice, the body remains grippy which emphasizes the leathery notes with hints of sage. The finesse of the finish highlights the acidity while lingering tobacco notes make this one of our best food wines. Compared to the 2016 vintage, the 2017 is slightly lighter, offers more spice & floral notes with a strong mouthfeel. Let it breathe, and enjoy!

Tasting Notes 

Nose: Black plum, black currants, licorice, black cherry
Palate: Plum, date, leather, sage, coriander, tobacco
Finish: Medium oak, medium plus tannin and acid

Suggested Pairings: Pairs well with gamier meats and high protein or fats.

Harvest Date: September 2017



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