Chévre Tortellini ~ Winemaker’s Select White Blend ~ Live Music

This Sunday, you can have all the colored eggs in the world, lamb chops stacked high,  an abundance of jellybeans… or, you can stray from the standard holiday traditions and form new rituals that are all your own. Why not start with tasting a tortellini that is the essence of spring? Chef’s select tortellini – our featured dish this Easter Sunday at Pippin.

Executive Chef Amalia Scatena has a knack for letting simple flavors shine. Grilled ramps, spring peas and thumbelina carrots abound with our house made pasta shells and locally-sourced Chevre, all making for a showstopper of an afternoon lunch—the kind that leaves friends and family clamoring to know the secret and wanting more. This is a plate to be enjoyed in good company over a glass of Pippin Hill’s Winemaker’s Select White Blend, in celebration  with friends and family.

This year, create a new Easter experience with your friends on The Hill. Look out over a sun speckled Shenandoah valley, sip on a glass of our many varietals, and listen to a live musical performance by Gina Sobel.  Isn’t it good to be in Charlottesville in the springtime?! We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Until then, Happy Easter!


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