July in Virginia means blistering heat and humidity. Here at Pippin Hill, we call these the Dog Days of Summer. “Dog Days” refers to days so hot that dogs can’t even stand the heat. Interestingly, this phrase can be traced back to astrology, where it refers to the the dog star, Sirius, and its position in the sky. To the ancient Greeks & Romans, “Dog Days” occurred in late July when the Sirius star rose just before the sun*. During this period, the weather’s at its hottest, explaining our interpretation of the phrase “Dog Days of Summer” today.

At Pippin Hill Farm, we take the Dog Days of Summer both literally and figuratively. Sure, it’s hot out, but that’s nothing a crisp glass of sauvignon blanc on our Veranda can’t fix. To us, the Dog Days of Summer are when we look out at our lawn to find it busy with our furriest customers, or as we like to call them, Pippin Pups. Leashed pups are welcome on our lawn and veranda, and we love it when our customers bring their best friends along for the fun. We highlight our favorite wet-nosed customers on Instagram, with the hashtag #PippinPups. Next time you bring your dog for a visit, be sure to tag #pippinpups for your chance to be featured on our Pippin Hill Instagram.


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*Source: National Geographic 

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