“The Moment I See Ramps is the Moment I know it’s Spring” – Chef Amalia Scatena

Ramps, otherwise known as wild leeks are the first green vegetable available in most of North America in April signifying the onset of the Spring Season.  Sound like an unfamilar and obscure vegetable?  That’s okay, you’re not alone.  Ramps are rare and wild, available for just a few weeks in April and May and oftentimes sold only at Farmer’s Markets.  Here at Pippin Hill, we get our ramps from Digger Jays, a family business in Verona, VA that focuses on wild harvested and seasonal foods.

Chef Amalia is crazy about ramps.  In the Pippin Hill kitchen she incorporates ramps in her dishes as much as possible in the early Spring season. Chopping them, pickling them, charring them, you name it.  Her favorite use?  She loves to grill them transforming the pungent flavor to a more mild leek flavor.  These versatile veggies make a great addition to fried oysters or your classic BLT on sourdough bread.  But hurry, ramps aren’t in season much longer, so get yours today and add a bright and unique flavor to your dinner tonight!

Chef recommends:  Grass fed Ayrshire Farm beef medallion topped with grilled ramps, avocado, sweet soy reduction and creme fraiche.  Cover the ramps in olive oil, add a sprinkling of salt and pepper and grill for three minutes on each side.  Enjoy immediately!

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