Today we welcome the first day of fall, and a number of Autumn inspired dishes you won’t want to miss this season!

Take it from Tom Sietsema, food critic for the Washington Post, who wrote that our tasting room lunch menu “wouldn’t taste out of place in Napa Valley.”

With a number of Autumn inspired dishes securing their spot on our seasonal tasting room menu, Executive Chef Bill Scatena highlights one in particular that will swing us right into autumn;

Pippin Hill’s Baby Russian Kale Salad featuring Warm Calimyrna figs, House-made Ricotta, toasted pumpkin seeds and sherry agrodolce.


So, what makes this dish so perfect for fall? This particular combination of ingredients reminds us of all the cozy days fast approaching. With the warm juicy figs, decadent ricotta, and fresh crunchy kale, there isn’t a dish that could better suit the season.

Chef Scatena shares, “The kale, picked straight from Pippin Hill’s kitchen garden will offer a more mild, peppery finish to the overall salad. Paired with the sweet unctuous nature of the fig, creaminess of the house-made Ricotta and nutty crunch from the pumpkin seeds, it’s a delightful welcome to the cooler season ahead.”

Have you heard of Calimyrna figs? These figs are of the Smyrna variety, having been brought to California in 1882 from Turkey and renamed in honor of its arrival. The fig is the only fruit that is both fully ripened and semi-dried on the tree it grows on. Also, figs are flowers that have inverted into themselves. The seeds are actually the real fruit.

figs-local-pippin-hillThe warmth of the figs in this delicious tasting room dish brings out their bold flavor and floral aroma. You will have to try it to see just how incredible it is.

Baby red russian kale is surprisingly less red than you would think. The stems are purple and leaves are flat, getting its name from the deep purple veins on each piece of kale. The leaves of the baby red russian are much tenderer than most other kales.

Our house made ricotta is one of many selling points of this dish. Ricotta cheese came about when Italy’s cheese making industry experienced an environmental problem that could only be solved by using large amounts of whey. Ricotta was the perfect solution!

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