We have a fun historical fact to share: Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards is the former site of the Albemarle County Fair! Before our property was covered in grape vines, it held colorful carnival rides and tents of local vendors every August for the annual celebration.

In 1982, a group of local volunteers pooled their money to launch the first Albemarle County Fair. For over twenty years, the fair was held in North Garden until 2010 when the owners of Bundoran Farm (where Pippin Hill is located) ended their $1-a-year lease to develop the land.

The Albemarle County Fair is a local tradition that brings together a diverse group of people. From fried foods to livestock, the fair has something for everybody. When the fair was in North Garden, it featured a “Husband Calling Contest,” in which wives demonstrated how to get their spouses’ attention. In addition, the fair had competitions for best squash, best cucumber pickling, best scarecrow, and largest melon. The fair was also a place to see and purchase livestock. One 13-year-old girl sold a pair of roosters for $175 each.

We may not be fair-grounds anymore, but we still have plenty of fun to offer! Come enjoy our world-class wine and artisan fare and see a small piece of Charlottesville history at the same time.

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Photo: The Daily Progress

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