You know Pippin Hill for our world-class wines and award-winning hospitality, but do you know how we got our name? Pippin Hill is named after the Albemarle Pippin Apple, a variety native to the region. Our certified horticulturist, Diane Burns, dedicated a small portion of our property’s gardens to growing native apples, including the Grimes Golden and GoldRush, and yes, the Albemarle Pippin Apple. Lucky for us, Virginia’s climate allows for some of the best-tasting apples in the country!

The Albemarle Pippin has a special place in the history of the region. Thomas Jefferson, a Charlottesville native, was one of the first people to plant the Pippin Apple here when it was brought down from Newtown, New York after the Revolutionary War. The variety became so well liked that Queen Victoria levied the import tax on the Pippin Apple so that all of Britain could enjoy the fruit duty-free.* Today, the Pippin Apple is harder to find since it requires more time and care than large food production chains want to give their crops. We are more than happy to put in the hard work, though. For the apple expert, no other variety can compare to the rich flavor of an Albemarle Pippin.

Next time you visit Pippin Hill, be sure to ask Diane for a tour of the gardens, with a stop at our boutique apple orchard.

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*Thomas Jefferson Foundation

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