Looking for ideas to show off your creative flare on your big day, try tempting your friends and family with a Dessert Table to offer a sweet and entertaining alternative to traditional wedding cakes!  Whether it be pies and pastries, candies and chocolates or fresh fruit and cupcakes, your guests will be pleasantly surprised and sugared-up for a night of dancing and celebrations!  Let alone, Dessert Tables offer the Bride & Groom a chance to add their own personal touch and share with guests something meaningful that they both love!

Check out Pinterest for some ideas to help get you started.  Also take a look at sample Dessert Tables from Martha Stewart’s Real Weddings.

Macaroonsphoto by Patricia Lyons

Rum Balls, Fruit Tarts, Coconut Macaroonsphoto by Aaron Watson

Mini Cupcakesphoto by Meg Runion

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