Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard’s Spring crops are in the ground! Our certified horticulturist Diane Burns has been busy planting produce in our on-site Kitchen Garden. We are continuously planting new fruits and vegetables so that our kitchen stays stocked with seasonal ingredients and our Tasting Room features the freshest items. We believe that fresh, organic produce is the only way to serve our guests well. Check out Diane’s produce picks for Spring and when she will harvest them below.

Harvest Schedule:

Early April:
– Arugula
– Mustard Greens (Red Splendor and Ruby Streaks)
– Head Lettuces (Black Seeded Simpson, Red Sails, and Dark Lolo Rosa)
– Dwarf Grey Peas

– Kale (Red Russian, Siberian, and Tuscan)
– Green Oak Leaf Lettuce
– Niseko Turnips

End of April:
– Chicory Bel Fiore
– Radicchio Leonardo
– Happy Rich Broccoli
– Radishes (Sora, Easter Egg, and Red Meat)
– Carrots (Atlas, Nelson, and Adelaide)

– Cauliflower Romanesco ‘Veronica’
– Spinach (harvesting now through May)

– Fava Beans
– Beets (Baby Beat, Chioggia, Red Ace, and Bull’s Blood)


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