Amalia Scatena Recognized as “Charlottesville’s Rising Star” by Melissa Close-Hart in Cville Weekly


Amalia Scatena Recognized as “Charlottesville’s Rising Star” 

We are so proud of our Amalia for being recognized as “Charlottesville’s Rising Star” by Executive Chef at Palladio Restaurant,  Melissa Close-Hart.

Starting her culinary career as an intern turned line cook at Palladio, under Melissa Close-Hart, Melissa recognized Amalia’s talent and commitment from the start, “her passion for cooking was apparent from the get-go.  She has followed her dreams and worked extremely hard to garner her success.”

A Charlottesville native herself, Chef has found both comfort and excitement in pursuing her career on her own stomping grounds, “every time I think about leaving Charlottesville to pursue a culinary career in another state, the next best steps are right here in Charlottesville.” From a bounty of local ingredients, to a united culinary team – Chef Amalia’s heart is in C’ville.

We’re lucky to have Amalia, and agree with Melissa, Chef truly is a rising star.

photo by Justin Ide

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